Sunday, 30 September 2012

Working from home – the new normal in Christchurch

Work environments have changed a lot in the past few years in Christchurch.  The Ripped Orange team used to be based in Moorehouse Ave but were shaken out in September 2010.  After that we bounced around a few places until we settled into our new home in Brockworth Place.

For those that don’t know Christchurch “The Brock” was student flat capital, however this is changing rapidly.

We are based in a lovely old villa, and while we work from a home it’s not our home which is great because we get the benefits of working from home but don’t have to do the lawns, cleaning or feel isolated.

Spring at the Ripped Orange office

With a few minor modifications we have created an ideal training environment that is quiet and peaceful.  It’s also proving to be a very popular place for meetings, with many local Christchurch businesses booking our rooms. 

If you are looking for a quite peaceful place to hold an offsite staff meeting,  there is more information about The Grove and The Orchard on our website.

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