Thursday, 13 September 2012

Brainstorm and Mind Map Software

Children do Mind mapping at school, why not at work?
Mind Maps have been around for a long time, with kids learning how to produce them at school.  They are great for engaging the creative side of the brain to solve and communicate difficult concepts.

There are plenty of on line tools available to help you construct mind maps.  These tools are great for business, and easier for creating and presenting mind maps than drawing them by hand.

At Ripped Orange we use Mindomo  for communicating our course road map.  It's very quick to make and easy for people to follow. You can check out our road map here

Because it's in the cloud you can also share mind maps between staff,  ideal for creating ideas, course plans and then sharing them for input.   This can be very powerful, and avoids everyone having to have their own set of crayons!

As you would expect, you can use Mindomo on a wide variety of applications,  from desktops, to tablets and smart phones.

The free version allows you to create three maps which is good to get you started, and hooked.  If you get out the credit card you can access a whole range of features including spell check, and the ability to make unlimited maps.

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