Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Windows 8 – More than just another upgrade…

October will bring one of the largest changes in Windows history!  Windows 8 is more than just an upgrade from Windows 7 or XP for your desktop.  The same look and feel will run on your desktop, tablet and phone.

Last year more Smartphones were sold than PC’s, and tablet sales are catching up fast.
For Microsoft, having the same look and feel across your desktop, tablet and phone will help them play catch-up in the smartphone and tablet market.

But what does this mean for users that just want to easily use their computer whether a desktop, tablet or phone?  Ideally, it means that once you have mastered Windows 8 it will be easier to do the same on whatever device you are using.  For example, Outlook will look the same, and you can access your documents on all your computers.

However, mastering Windows 8 will take time, both getting used to starting without a “Start” button and realizing the benefit of being able to work across your desktop, phone and tablet with the same documents.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Office 2013

The preview version for Office 2013 is now out..   it’s smoother than 2010 and there are some new features, however the basic navigation is similar. 

This will be released to the market in late October with Windows 8.  It runs on Windows 7, but they say it’s best on Windows 8.

The Ripped Orange team are already trialing the new version, standby for an update on the new features soon.

Office and Sharepoint Apps

Microsoft have launched an Apps Store for Office and Sharepoint.  The video  link below gives you an insight to what they are offering.   Think apps for your phone, but instead for Office.  While they have offered templates that you can download in the past the explosion of phone apps may give this market more credibility and get people thinking about downloading or buying productivity tools.