Sunday, 25 November 2012

Juice Review - Mail Chimp

Like many companies in New Zealand, we use Mail Chimp to distribute our newsletters.  This popular tool has over 2.5 million users worldwide.
Email marketing is a crowded field with many tools and options. We chose Mail Chimp because of its ease of use, clear and sometimes quirky feel.  How many other applications use terms like...

Huzzah! Your campaign has been sent.

People are still engaged with what you're saying - that's good, right?

It even has random messages from the chimp like this one inviting you to view a weird file on You Tube.

While this may seem rather odd, it does make the application easy enjoyable and fun to use. Mail Chimp covers the basics and even more than you would expect from an email marking tool.

Other features we like are the excellent reporting including an Android App and the “Golden Monkey” app to go along with this.

We are still using the free version and it suits us just fine as the subscription version is designed for US companies that are a lot larger than us.

4 Oranges

The most fun and easy to use business tool we have used.

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